White wine


Variety: The autochthonous grape variety Furmint has always been cultivated in Rust. In Austria, there are only about 20 hectares of Furmint grapevines. The long tradition of cultivating Furmint starts with the Ruster Ausbruch. The Furmint gives this wine its necessary acidity and reveals sweet wines that are in the position to compete against the best in the world. Harvested by hand, also very strong, dry Furmint wines with high storage suitability are cultivated.

Tasting: bright yellow, focused fruit and structure, aromas of apple and quince, fine nearly salty minerality, firm and compact with strong expression.

Best served with: catfish fillet with leaf spinach, pumpkin pie, celery-cheese-quiche, Wiener schnitzel, roast pork with quince chutney, quince compote.


0,75 l bottle

Drinking temp.

7–14 °C

Sugar weight

19,5° KMW


Quality wine

Single vinyard


Year of planting

1976, 2002, 2017

Manual harvest

100 % selectes grapes


Mai 2023


13 % vol.

Residual sugar

7,7 g/l


7,5 g/l

  • Foto: Magnus Hengge, studio adhoc Berlin

    Starlings over the vineyard

    In September, during the early harvest period, thousands of starlings are circling Rust und Lake Neusiedl in big swarms.

  • Foto: Magnus Hengge, studio adhoc Berlin

    Waiting for the swarm

    The winegrowers are not really happy about the birds, because their harvest is at stake.

  • Foto: Magnus Hengge, studio adhoc Berlin

    Furmint protected by a net

    Without protective nets, the grapes located near the lake would be eaten very quickly.

  • Foto: Magnus Hengge, studio adhoc Berlin

    Grape behind bars

    The traditional Furmint and Traminer vineyards have to be protected starting in August.

  • Foto: Magnus Hengge, studio adhoc Berlin

    Hands up or I´ll shoot

    Sometimes the nets are not enough. Therefore, the starlings are chased away by bangers.