White wine


Variety: Pinot Gris
The Pinot Gris is a white grape variety that probably originated by mutation from Blue Burgundy (Pinot Noir). When harvesting, you often find white and red berries on one grape. Sometimes also individual berries are of different color. The Pinot Gris wines are the most rich in extract in Austria and therefore substantial with a fine aroma.

Tasting: honey and vanilla in the nose and at the palate, ripe fruit, harmonious, balanced character and spiciness, strong, concise with a long finish.

Best served with: grilled zander with zucchini, chicken breast with cabbage on white wine-spring onion sauce, poultry, pork, brisket with apple horseradish, leek pie, saddle of hare with hazelnut risotto


0,75 l bottle


Quality wine

Drinking temp.

8–14 °C

Sugar weight

20,5 °KMW

Single Vinyard


Year of planting


Manual harvest

100 % selected grapes




March 2020


13,5 % vol.

Residual sugar

6,7 g/l


5,9 g/l

  • Harvest 2018

    Harvest 2018 of Pinot Noir Ritter

    Only every few years is it possible to vinify a Pinot Noir with this high degree of maturity and full ripen, healthy grape material.

  • Vinyard Umriss

    The highest elevation of the Grossriede “Umriss” is planted with our Burgundies. The limestone and shell limestone soils create perfect conditions for great,  wines.

  • Aging potential

    strong Pinots have always had their place with us. Wonderful for long storage and bottle aging, which only show their full potential over the decades.