Rosé wine

Rosé aus Pinot Noir/ Blaufränkisch 2018


Variety: Pinot Noir and Blaufränkisch
This year, we combined two of our beloved red wines in equal proportions. The fruity, cherry-like aroma of the Blaufränkisch and the fine and elegant berry notes of the Pinot Noir result in this bright coral red Rosé. A wine that goes with everything.

Tasting: bright coral, spicy, fine tannin, aromas of raspberry, fruity cool, the ideal summer drink.

Best served with: pasta dishes, fried duck, numerous entrees, cherry sorbet, delicate, fresh sheep or goat cheese with fresh herbs and olive oil, hazelnut risotto


0,75 l bottle


Quality wine

Drinking temp.

7–11 °C

Age of vines

12 years

Alcohol content

Alcohol 13 % vol.

Residual sugar

7 g/l


5 g/l

Manual harvest

100 % selected grapes