Rosé wine


Variety: Blaufränkisch
The Blaufränkisch is a late ripening red grape variety that is located primarily in the middle and north of Burgenland. Legend has it that Charlemagne valued it and recommended its distribution. This variety is also called the Pinot Noir of the East. Its wines are delicately racy with a fruity scent; they are at their top form between the second and the fourth year of storage.

Tasting: shiny rosé, spicy, fine tannin, aromas of raspberry, fruity cool, the ideal summer drink.

Best served with: pasta dishes, fried duck, numerous entrees, cherry sorbet, delicate, fresh sheep or goat cheese with fresh herbs and olive oil, hazelnut risotto


0,75 l bottle


Quality wine

Drinking temp.

7–11 °C

Age of vines

12 years

Alcohol content

Alcohol 13,5 % vol.

Residual sugar

2,4 g/l


5,3 g/l

Manual harvest

100 % selected grapes