Sparkeling wine


Variety: Gelber Muskateller

Tasting: Nice and mild summer sparkling wine, fine mousseux, brilliant yellow, fresh muscat aromas, fruity, juicy, fresh. Perfect as an aperitif.


0,75 l bottle


Sekt, Méthode traditionelle

Drinking temp.

4–8° C

Juice Sugar

16,5° KMW

Age of vines

26 and 30 years


traditional bottle fermentation

Yeast storage

16 month

Alcohol content

Alcohol 13 % vol.

Residual sugar


Manual harvest

100 % selected grapes

  • Foto: Magnus Hengge, studio adhoc Berlin

    Gelber Muskateller

    100 meters above Lake Neusiedl there is one of the three regions where we cultivate Gelber Muskateller. At the winery we produce the juicy and refreshing white wine as well as the aromatic sparkling wine “Gelb”.

  • Foto: Magnus Hengge, studio adhoc Berlin

    Full of sunshine

    By the middle of August the grapes have soaked in a lot of sunshine and developed their typical muscat flavor that will remain on the palate after each sip of the wine.

  • Foto: Magnus Hengge, studio adhoc Berlin

    Lasting flavor

    Paul Schandl opens a grape and looks at the kernels. They show ripening characteristics that allow us to determine the exact time of harvest.