In former times, the Traminer was seen as the ideal gift for your grandmother. Its floral fragrance and sweetness made it appealing and drinkable. However, taste has changed, not only when it comes to cuisine. Also in wine making we see a lot more willingness to experiment – this applies for producers as well as for customers.

Today our Traminer provides a special clarity and finesse. It is produced in a very clean way by using modern techniques and applying strictly controlled conditions. This special taste experience is often used in fusion cuisine, for instance as counterpoint to Asian or Indian dishes.

  • Foto: Magnus Hengge, studio adhoc Berlin

    Pink grape skin

    It is said that the grape is an erotic fruit, because you can see through the skin just like you can see the blood vessels through the flushed skin in humans. The skin of the Traminer grape is very similar to human skin.

  • Foto: Magnus Hengge, studio adhoc Berlin

    Gentle fragrances

    Even before harvest, the Traminer grapes have a special scent of pink roses and violets. The Traminer is known as the flower of sweet wines and is very tempting.

  • Harvest 2022

    Harvest 2022

    The Traminer grapes 2022 are in the house.

  • Aromatic-fruity

    The Traminer has a wide range of aromas and therefore goes perfectly with Indian curries, Asian dishes and Thai wok dishes.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote an article about the Traminer: “Traminer wines provide a flavor similar to exotic fruits and therefore go perfectly with intensely spiced Asian dishes.” The wine with this gentle sweetness is here recommended for Indian curry: “Curry does not equal curry – but the Gewürztraminer with its scents of rose petals, cinnamon, cloves and exotic fruits is the perfect addition to the wide range of aromas of these dishes and is also the perfect counterpart for their spiciness.”

Wine expert Caro Maurer: “Asian dishes with chili go perfectly with aromatic and fruity wines like Riesling or Gewürztraminer. Sweet-sour Asian dishes may be combined with a residually sweet Riesling, an aromatic Gewürztraminer or a Spätlese. Riesling and Gewürztraminer also go well with dishes spiced with ginger.”

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