In 1524, Queen Mary of Hungary granted the winegrowers of Rust permission to burn the letter “R” into their wine barrels. At that time, the “R” already represented a certain brand protection and a designation of origin for the wines made in Rust. In 1681, the citizens of Rust managed to buy themselves off by paying 60,000 golden guldens and 500 barrels of Ruster Ausbruch (approx. 28,000l), a valuable botrytis vine to the Habsburg family and Emperor Leopold I. He then raised the “Market of Rust” to the “Free city of Rust”.

The winegrower´s family Schandl is part of the community since 1741 and therefore, our winery is one of the oldest traditional businesses in town. It goes without saying that the cultivation of the cultural product “Ruster Ausbruch” is very important to us.

  • Partnership for quality

    If the interaction between nature and humankind is successful, a special taste experience may develop in the barrels and we are pleased with a new vintage of “Ruster Ausbruch”.

  • Liquid gold

    While humankind and technique have changed over time, the development of Ruster Ausbruch has stayed the same.

  • Brand “R” from 1524

    The association “Cercle Ruster Ausbruch” has 10 members. We from winery Peter Schandl are proud to be part of this tradition.

The members of the association are winegrowers in Rust, who preserve the original and traditional knowledge of producing the Ruster Ausbruch.

The objective of this association is to continue and improve the long tradition of the Ruster Ausbruch.

As members of the association “Cercle Ruster Ausbruch“ we want to achieve that the “Ausbruch” gets brand protection. Our objective is to combine the typical sweet wine of Rust under a common trade mark and thus create a unique style.

Read more about the history of Ruster Ausbruch from David Belluz. Fire & Spice – the Extraordinary Tale of Ruster Ausbruch Sweet Wine.

Winery Schandl’s Ruster Ausbruch