We like the Pinots best, and they, in turn, like our Pannonian climate.

Depending on the vintage, we use Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir to create full-bodied, extract-rich wines that delight our wine lovers, especially after a few years of aging. We also press our best sweet wines from these varieties.

About once a decade we press a “Ritter” from Pinot Noir. The fully ripe, healthy grapes are harvested as an Auslese and achieve very high alcohol and extract values ​​if they are dry. This gallant wine is chivalrous for us, as it has excellent conditions for long aging.

  • Vinyard Umriss

    The highest elevation of the Grossriede “Umriss” is planted with our Burgundies. The limestone and shell limestone soils create perfect conditions for great,  wines.

  • Aging potential

    strong Pinots have always had their place with us. Wonderful for long storage and bottle aging, which only show their full potential over the decades.

  • Pinot Gris white but different

    Orange Pinot Gris Ried Kreften was fermentated on the mash (whole berries). Due to the contact with the grape skin, the wines get a more intense color and more tannin.

  • Harvest 2018

    Harvest 2018 of Pinot Noir Ritter

    Only every few years is it possible to vinify a Pinot Noir with this high degree of maturity and full ripen, healthy grape material.